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Entry #12

Food I’ve had over the past few weeks .

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I spent about 3 hours cooking okra. It tasted so bad it made me want to quit cooking forever. 

Two pages into Robbins, I’m reminded of how my imaginary boyfriend broke my heart in a hypothetical scenario I created months ago. 

Now I’m upset and can’t get anything done for the rest of the day. Uh..

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Few Important Bodies in Medical Science
Aschoff Bodies – Rheumatic fever

Asteroid body – Sarcoidosis

Babes – Ernst Bodies – Metachromatic granules

Balbiani’s Bodies – Yolk nucleus

Bamboo bodies – Asbestosis

Bodies of Arantius – Aortic valve nodules

Body of Highmore – Mediastinum testis

Bollinger bodies – Fowlpox

Brassy body – Dark shrunken blood corpuscle found in malaria

Call Exners bodies – Granulosa theca cell tumour

Chromatid bodies – Entamoeba histolytica precyst

Citron bodies – cl. Septicum

Civatte bodies – Lichen planus

Councilman bodies – Yellow fever/viral hepatitis

Coccoid X bodies – Psittacosis

Creola bodies – Asthma

Cystoid bodies – Degenerated retinal nerve fibres (seen in Cotton wool spots)

Donnes bodies – colostrums corpuscles

Donovan bodies – Granulose inguinale (LGV)

Ferruginous bodies – Asbestosis

Gamma Gandy bodies – Congestive splenomegaly

Guarneri bodies – Inclusion bodies of vaccinia

Henderson Peterson bodies – Molluscum contagiosum

Harting bodies – Calcospheritis in the cerebral capillaries

Heinz bodies – G 6 PD deficiency

Herring bodies – Neurohypophysis

Hirano bodies – Alzheimer’s disease

Lewy bodies – parkinsonism

Levinthal coles lille bodies – Psittacosis

Mallory bodies – Alcoholic hepatitis

Masson bodies – Rheumatic pneumonia

Michelis Guttman bodies – Malakoplakia

Mooser bodies – Endemic typhus

Moot bodies – Multiple myeloma

Negri bodies – Rabies

Odland body – Keratinosome

Oken’s body – Mesonephros

Pappenheimer bodies- Granules of iron found inside RBC on routine blood stain in sideroblastic

anemia, hemolytic anemia, and sickle cell disease

Paschen bodies – vaccinia/variola

Pacchonian bodies- Arachnoid granulation

Pick bodies – Picks disease

Psamomma bodies:

1. papillary carcinoma of thyroid

2. Serous cyst adenoma of ovary

3. Meningioma

4. Papillary type of renal cell carcinoma

5. Pituitary adenoma (Prolactinoma)

6. Appendiceal carcinoid (Rarely)

Reilly bodies – Hurler’s syndrome

Rokitansky bodies – Teratoma

Ross’s bodies – Syphilis

Rush ton bodies – Odontogenic cyst

Russell bodies- Rhinoscleroma

Sclerotic bodies – Chromoblastomycosis

Sandstorm bodies – Parathyroid glands

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Entry #10

A 55 year-old man came with a complaint of abdominal discomfort. After his history was taken and examination was done, he was diagnosed with epigastric hernia. A prominent swelling was noticed over his skull, centrally just a little above his forehead. When asked, he said he had it since as long as he could remember, and it never progressed in its size. He had lived with it as it never caused him as any problem.

We, students(about 20 of us who attended out of the 38 posted) were asked to examine the swelling. All of us surrounded the patient’s bed, took his history, and quickly proceeded to examine the bump over his head. 

As usual, I do nothing but stand next to peers and watch them. I notice them asking the patient the same question over and over again. He gives us vague answers to our open-ended questions.

I was surprised to see him have no problem with 3-4 students poking the bump over his  head at once. This continued for about 20 mins. TWENTY FREAKING MINUTES. 

I wonder what his inner thoughts were while we examined him, considering that the swelling wasn’t even the reason he was admitted in the ward.

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Entry #9 

I feel like a heathy individual now that I’m no longer on Facebook or Instagram . Scrolling through your feed and laughing at random memes is fun until you realise how many hours go unproductive every single day. I deleted my Facebook account in March, deactivated my Instagram last week. I’ll still on Quora and Good reads for obvious reasons.

It’s raining outside. Now would be the right time to make a study schedule.